Lyrics - To Beast Or Not To Beast

Lyrics - To Beast Or Not To Beast

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We're Not Bad For The Kids (We're Worse)

Screaming - out their bloody lungs
Ruining their beautiful young voices
Steaming hot - horny licking tongues
Making all those terribly wrong choices

All you little children have gone out of your minds
Don't wanna read no history - let's practice some biology

Make your mommy cry - Daddy blows his mind
Listen up and learn - We're not bad for the kids, we're worse
Make 'em take offence - Taint your innocence
The first time always hurts - We're not bad for the kids, we're worse

Wasted - fried their little brains
Staying out too late and getting crazy
Waitin' - 'til it's far too late
Corrupted to the core and not worth saving

Hey kids, you know that your parents are right
You should not be nasty, no picking a fight
Don't dress up like that, yeah, your dad he knows better
As if he wanted to see your mom in tight leather

I Luv Ugly

Those little furry things
with cute little tails
That little girls love to pet
They are the food for things
all covered in scales
I'll take all I can get

Now listen kiddies
I salute the freaks
It's only pretty
when it's nasty

I luv ugly
No such thing
as too extreme
I luv ugly
No one the top
All hail the freaks
I luv ugly
I luv ugly!

Hell yeah you know this face
you've seen me before
But you don't know who I am
I've never heard of you
but you want war
You'll get my ten pound boot
up your ass

All hail the freaks!

Ugly I luv ugly
Luv ugly I luv

The Riff

I met Mr. Death this morning, he offered me a ride
I said I think I'm not quite ready yet to travel by your side
"Practice what you preach" then said the count of shadowlands
"It doesn't hurt to take a peek" he grinned and grabbed my hand

I sat in the leather seat - of his Chevy van
the motor screamed like a pack of rats in a frying pan

The headlights were shooting sparks - and the tires spinning flames
"Well alrighty then" - he said and opened up his case

The grim reaper played guitar - his bony fingers cold and stiff
the sonic thunder froze my heart - as he cranked out the riff

And then his song was over, and he asked me not to lie
I felt a bit uneasy but I dared to criticize
I told him "Man, the riff is a killer but the rest is throw-away"
His face looked disappointed but he said "Ah... It's ok"

I asked - has he shown - the devil, what he's got
"He's written hits, but lately he has not"

So the devil's outta touch - and he cannot smell a hit
"Cuz he has lost his mind - whit all that hip hop shit"

The grim reaper played guitar - his bony fingers cold and stiff
the sonic thunder froze my heart - as he cranked out the riff

I woke up and the van was upside down, my body bleeds
We must have crashed right off the road
and Death could barely speak
He said
"Listen, you gotta take my place, I'm leaving office soon"
I said "I'm sorry dude, I'm kinda busy...
but tell you what: I'll take the tune"

And it goes like this

Something Wicked This Way Comes

I sense it - I feel it - It's aching in my bones
I taste it - in the air, hear it in the undertones

The birds left - no crickets
The silence sings of death
The River set on pause
The storm holding it's breath

Something wicked this way comes
Something wicked this way comes
No fights now, it's a terrorize response
Something wicked this way comes

The windows all boarded
The deadbolts are all shot
You know you're pathetic
'Cause this thing can't be stopped

While outside the sun shines
your something's in your head
You're waiting, and waiting
until you starve to death

I'm The Best

Don't tell me how to live - Yeah!
I know how I should be - Yeah!
Oh Yeah! - Patronizing the man - Yeah!
I know who and what I am

I'm the best - I'm the best - I'm the best
the best at what I do
I'm the best - I'm the best - I'm the best

I'm the best - I'm the best - I'm the best
a million times better than you
I'm the best - I'm the best - I'm the best

Who do you think you are - Yeah!
You're still here but I've got far - Yeah!
Oh Yeah! - could it be that you see - Yeah!
that you're so goddamn envious of me

I'm the best - I'm the best - I'm the best
the best at being me
I'm the best - I'm the best - I'm the best

Why keep fighting the stone cold facts
and still deny?
some fight for what they're told to,
some fight to get wings and make 'em fly


You love that man, with his fingers of knives
The red and green sweater is framed
You bought a chainsaw and you carved it up right
"The saw is the family" it says on the blade

Vulture's making circles in the air
Forensics collect evidence with lots of care
The bodies in the woods by Crystal Lake
Just like in the movies they say

It's all horrifiction
Silver screen addiction
Cinematic gore and murder
It's horrifiction
Not a fact prediction
Movies cannot make you a killer
It's horrifiction

You got the puzzle box and book of the dead
The hockey mask tattooed on your chest
Your friends are worried you've gone sick in the head
Those movie monsters are all you have left

In the court room you're confused
It was the monsters, it wasn't you
But all the evidence puts you there
And the judge says you'll get the chair

Happy New Fear

As a kid in kindergarten they made you cry
Told you mommy won't come back
and you believed the lie
Classmates in second grade all abandoned you
They laughed as you got your ass kicked
right after school

Of all the loser freaks
you were the most undateable
The grades you got in school
were laughable
You're afraid of getting clawed
when you pet your cat
Your dog wants a treat
you think it wants to attack

Another year has gone
and everything's worse now
The way your fears come true
is like a smackdown
And we got more where that came from

(Now have a / Wishing)
Happy happy new fear
Happy new year
And the more you feed
the fear the more it it consumes
Happy happy new fear
And the fear is killing you

You tell yourself that
everything's gonna be all right
We'll take it up a notch and
- boom! - your family dies
And when you see my face
you believe in the supernatural
You'll learn that demons
are not fairytales, they're factual

Schizo Doll

I am just a little doll - I live here in your yeard
Your daughter used to play with me - now your dogs chew up my arms
Sometimes I feel fucked up in the head
That's when I want to see all children dead

There was a day that had a silver lining - I remember the light that I saw
They took me off the conveyer belt - and put me in a box on a shelf

Then came the day my little cardboard home and I
were on our way in your car
Your daughter didn't know how to pretend
and forever we were gonna be friends

For years I was the one to hold - to love and care for
Then I was left out in the cold
forgotten to become the rotten

Schizo doll - I can't ever die
Schizo doll - 'cause I was never alive
Schizo doll - got no flesh, got no bones
Schizo doll - I have a mind of my own
Schizo doll, schizo doll - left all alone

Now comes a day that has a cool black lining
80 years gone by, the daughter's gone grey
But she found me, took me in from the rain
She was hugging me as she slipped away

"Ashes to ashes" - the preacher prays
I'm wrapped in her arms now
Forever friends here in her grave
forgotten to become the rotten

I am just a little doll - my best friend is a corpse
The worms are eating up her face
Our casket home walls warp
That bitch left me to rot alone again

Candy For The Cannibal

The town went silent as I walked out today
My family didn't have a thing to say
I see the neighbors are avoiding my looks
they know my story as it's all in the books, yeah

But I am happier than ever before
'cause I'm grown man in a candy story
I know this feeling might not last for long
I know my urge and it's way too strong

I know I should not do my thing, no, no
But you look so damn mouth watering

You're the ca-ca-candy for the ca-cannibal
Won't you co-co-come on trust the a-animal
You're my t-t-tasty little t-t-t-treat
Sweetie candy
You're the ca-ca-candy for the ca-cannibal
You'll go d-d-down cause you're so e-edible
I'll be t-t-tenderizing your m-m-meat
Meaty candy to me

(I just love that meaty candy)

I keep my distance when observing the girls
They make me feel like I'm alone in this world
Some call it stalking I say sopping's the word
And when I'm shopping girls are bound to get hurt

I am simply a man but they call me The Beast
Oh why can't they understand a man's just gotta eat

Death row went silent as I walked in today
The warden did not have a thing to say
I watch the prisoners avoiding my looks
I'm going shopping for the last meal I cook

Sincerely With Love

You don't know a thing
You don't have a clue
Your bell never rings
And still you're being you

No-one ever asked
yet you always tell
Your opinion's noted
and now you can go to hell

You think you know everyone
Better than themselves
Truly you're the number one
Appreciating what we've heard
We wanna thank you with these words

(so) Fuck you asshole
Fuck you asshole
Greetings from the heart
Fuck you asshole
Fuck you asshole
Sincerely with love

Thank you for your thoughts
Thanks for your ideas
You claim it's all in love
but it has more to do with fears

We should all obey
your rules and moral codes
but it's you who's on the way
to the place without a hope

The smell of sulfur
And now you wonder
"How did I get here?"
The new Monsters gather
"Some fight for what they're told to, some fight to get the wings that make 'em fly"
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